Thursday, February 11, 2010

2009Christmas Celebration

Burmese Migrant Children....

Kanchanaburi, a place wellknown for its inheritance the bridge over River Kwai located is one region where a number of Burmese migrants are abiding in the community. The group of people LWC working with is migrant workers struggling for their survival in Thailand at different works which are dirty, difficult and dangerous. Their children are not able to attend local Thai government schools because parents are unable to afford for the educational expenses.
LWC believes that education is one major essential for these children's future because this may reduce the risk of becoming victims of trafficking and exploitation. LWC shows the love of God by providing basic educational supports and lunch meal for the children at Fr. Martin School. Fr. Martin is one respectful person, dedicating himself for the Burmese migrant workers who are in need. In December 2009, we brought presents for all the children at Fr. Martin School and another one located at Mahachai. Thanks to Giving Tree! The children are very excited with their wonderful presents they received in Christmas. We show the love of God in this special season so that they may come to know the true meaning of Christmas...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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