Sunday, October 9, 2011

LWC Drop In Center

LWC Drop In Center which is open for Burmese migrant workers who wich to seek information on labour and health rights information as well as providing counseling to those who are in need. The center was sponsored by Swiss Embassy to extend our assistance to migrants workers in the wholesale market area, northern Bangkok. The place is an information pool for the Burmese migrant workers with various needs.
In the center; we provide different brochures related to migrants information such as rights as well as health documents. People gather at this place from time to time because the the market is operating 24 hours. Burmese migrant workers are playing important role in the business circulation of the market. LWC drop in center is a place of sharing information as well as gospel to lost souls and bring them to the kingdom of God.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LWC children learning center

Excess number of Burmese migrant workers flow into Thailand hoping to have better lives. Some portion of these people end up at various wholesale markets and one of this is called "Talad Suchard market". It's located approximately 50 km outskirt Bangkok. As LWC volunteers conduct health trainings as well as providing health assistance, we find that many children at age between 4-10 years are quite a number at this place and seize this opportunity to provide small learning center; much like nursery for the children while parents are at work.
LWC just started this recently and we see improvements in children gradually in both academic and attitude. Our aim is to provide our new generation with good education in preparation of bright future for the children. Moreover, we also provide health trainings to parents and training them the importance of education.

"Tomorrow leader begins today"

Monday, January 10, 2011

LWC Christmas Activities

Another successful year 2010 for LWC as we have opportunity to provide assistance and Christmas presents for the Burmese migrant children at Thai-Burma border town Mae Sod. As we visited different villages to celebrate Christmas together with (Burmese migrant workers) seasonal workers, we had a chance to share the love of God and chance to participate activities with them.

It was such a precious moments spending time with the migrant workers and children during this time of giving. The group was made up of people from different religion beckground. Majority of them are Buddhists.
At this time of Christmas season, we do feel the love and joy of giving among the people. LWC would like to thank all donors who have dedicated hearts for the least. The joy we share with the people is unmeasurable and the smile we received in return is amazing.