Friday, March 5, 2010

Donation at Thai-Burma border

A number of Burmese migrant workers living along Thai-Burma border and in Bangkok are struggling for the livelihood in their own ways. The continual economic downturn caused many young Burmese migrants to migrate from one place to another for their survival. These people have various needs such as health access information, clothing, food supplies and migrant rights information. Many are not aware of migrant rights and often exploited by employers. As LWC volunteers make regular home visits, exploitations are the most common among the Burmese migrants living in Bangkok. LWC main objective is to provide HIV awareness trainings in local Burmese migrants community, distribute partial necessities and to show the love of God. We collect all clothings and dried food supplies from Fr. Martin who has always been there for the Burmese migrants.
LWC team pack up all donations in our truck and donate to Burmese migrant workers living in isolated areas. We usually make donation trips once in 3-4 months period. Each time, we travel to different places to distribute donations for the needy. Lives of Burmese migrants are truely not an easy journey since majority of them are daily wages workers. It is an opportunity to serve the Lord by taking care of the least as possible as we can. Our team regard this ministry as a priviledge and we will try to make the difference in our people's lives so that one day, they may see the love of our Heavenly Father.